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Psychological Services in Huntingdon, PA

Providing Outpatient Therapy in Huntingdon, PA

Dr. Jennifer L. Hartey, Psy.D., Offers Outpatient Therapy for All Ages

Dr. Jennifer L. Hartey, Psy.D., provides comprehensive outpatient therapy for patients in Huntingdon, PA, and the surrounding areas. Since 2006, we dedicate our practice to helping patients of all ages cope with various mental and emotional conditions, such as anxiety, depression, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, and many more. Dr. Hartey also works with those who have a history of emotional trauma. We provide psychological and neuropsychological testing and evaluations, and will come up with a treatment and therapy plan that best suits your needs. Call Dr. Jennifer L. Hartey, Psy.D., today at (814) 321-8925 for more information on evaluation and therapy options.

Begin Individualized Treatment in Huntingdon, PA, with Dr. Hartey

Dr. Jennifer L. Hartey, Psy.D., works with many patients to provide the best individualized care and treatment possible. In our practice, you are more than just a name on a form. Dr. Hartey works closely with patients to fully understand their condition(s) and any effects, and provides proper support and treatment. With over a decade of experience as a psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Hartey can properly identify, diagnose, and treat various mental and emotional conditions.

Contact Dr. Jennifer L. Hartey, Psy.D., to Schedule Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy is available to school-aged children, teens, and adults in Huntingdon, PA, and the surrounding areas. After evaluation, therapy may be best to begin treatment for a condition to better understand its affects. Contact us today to learn more about our outpatient therapy options or other services. Office hours are Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but we can arrange appointments to fit certain circumstances.