Testing Hours with Jennifer L. Hartey, Psy.D. Serving the Huntingdon, PA Area

Thorough testing gives doctors an accurate diagnosis.

What Are the Reasons for Testing?

There may be a number of reasons for psychological and neuropsychological testing. A traumatic accident may result in brain injury, for example, and evaluation must be performed to tell what aspects or areas of the brain and memory may be affected, and how severely.

Testing itself may take one or more sessions, depending on the type of evaluation(s) being performed. The referring physician may often determine this upon arrangement, to cover the diagnostic aspects under review.

How Important is the Testing?

Primary doctors may be concerned about the loss of memory in a patient, particularly if they have suffered head injury. Other patients who have been in an accident may have some memory, but lose executive functioning or other neuropsychological abilities. Thorough testing gives doctors an accurate diagnosis, plan appropriate therapy, and offer a more precise prognosis for recovery.

After a traumatic brain injury, there may be additional conditions that arise as part of being ill, such as depression or anxiety, which can have an impact on how effective treatment might be. Often, these additional factors may be treated at the same time as other therapy, so the patient is monitored for the full effectiveness of treatment and to avoid unforeseen setbacks.

How Quickly Can Initial Appointments for Patients Be Made?

Primary physicians can typically make initial appointments for patients with Dr. Hartey within two weeks from referral. Testing can be scheduled usually within three to five weeks. Therefore, the time for the evaluation may take about a month, overall.